13th International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics: from Laboratory to Clinical Practice

ISPT Conference 2022

23rd - 25th May 2022

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From Laboratory to Clinical Practice

Welcome to the International Symposium on Polymer Therapeutics to be held in Valencia.A chance for world-renowned scientists to share their recent research and vision for the future of Polymer Therapeutics to attendees in the context of interdisciplinary research at the interface of biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, and medicine.

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Featured Speakers

The Speakers

Children's Cancer Institute; the Lowy Institute, Randwick. Studio photography of executives and senior researchers.
Maria Kavallaris Head of Translational Cancer Nanomedicine at Children’s Cancer Institute, UNSW
Professor Kavallaris is an interdisciplinary researcher who is advancing cancer nanomedicine. Her discoveries have led to patents, and industry and clinical linkages for the development of cancer therapeutics and devices.
Anand Profile Photo
Anand Subramony​ Vice President of External innovation and Novel Technologies at AstraZeneca
In this role, he leads various cross functional teams and initiatives in the areas of nanomedicine, targeted delivery, new modalities/ tech platforms, antibody drug conjugates and lab automation technologies.
Mustafa Diken Vicepresident Vaccines and Immunology at BioNTech
Received his Ph.D. in tumor immunology from Johannes Gutenberg University under the supervision of Prof. Ugur Sahin
Susan Napier Thomas Woodruff Associate Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology
Susan Napier Thomas is a Woodruff Associate Professor with tenure at the Georgia Institute of Technology developing immunotherapeutic drug delivery systems.
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Event details

The latest and most exciting developments in polymer technology and the biological and clinical disciplines relating to Polymer Therapeutics.


New in polymer therapeutics

A chance for world-renowned scientists to share their recent research and vision for the future of Polymer Therapeutics to attendees in the context of interdisciplinary research at the interface of biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, and medicine.



08.30 AM - 11.00 AM

Registration. Montage of Posters and Exhibition


11.00 AM - 11.30 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

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Javier S. Burgos Muñoz

Conselleria de Sanitat, Generalitat Valenciana, SP

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Deborah Burks

Director CIPF, SP

maria jesus
Maria Jesus Vicent

CIPF, Conference Chair

Plenary Lecture

11.30 AM - 12.15 AM

Plenary Lecture

Discussion Leader: Matthias Barz (Univ Leiden, NL)

11.30 Mustafa Diken (BioNTech, DE) mRNA vaccines for cancer and beyond

07.03.2018, Mainz: MAINZ; MAterials science IN mainZ (MAINZ), Excellenzcluster an der Universität Mainz
Matthias Barz

Univ Leiden, NL

Mustafa Diken

BioNTech, DE

Speakers sessions

12.15 PM - 13.50 PM

Rationally designed Non-Viral Gene Delivery Vectors

Discussion leader: Julen Oyarzabal (Tyris Therapeutics Spain)

12.15 Daniel Siegwart          (UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA)

Zwitterionic phospholipidation of cationic polymers facilitates systemic mRNA delivery to the spleen and lymph nodes.

12.45 Satoshi Suchida  (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, JP)    Polymer Therapeutics for efficient mRNA delivery

13:15 Yao Jin (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, DE) Synthesis and application of spermine-based poly(β-amino Ester)s for siRNA delivery

13.25 Zerong Ma (UNSW Sydney, AUS) Miktoarm star polymer nanoparticles enable siRNA delivery for the treatment of lung cancer

13.35 Stefano Salmaso (Univ Padova, IT) Lipoplex-Mediated Oligonucleotide Delivery: Enhanced Crossing of Cell Barriers

13.40  Gabriela  Arias Alpizar (Univ Leiden, NL) Elucidating Nanoparticle Behavior Using Zebrafish

13.45 Anna Scomparin (Univ Turin, IT) Alkylic-Cyclodextrin Cationic Polymers: A Novel siRNA Delivery System for Glioblastoma Therapy

Julen Oyarzabal

Tyris Therapeutics Spain

Daniel Siegwart
Daniel Siegwart

UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Satoshi Suchida

Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, JP


13.50 PM - 15.15 PM

Lunch & Poster Session I

Enjoy our poster exhibition during lunch time.

Speakers sessions

15.15 PM - 17.15 PM

Engineering Polymer Therapeutics for Immunomodulation I

Discussion Leader: Ronit Satchi-Fainaro (Tel Aviv Univ, IL)

15.15 Susan N. Thomas (Georgia Tech, USA) Polymer drug delivery systems
for immunotherapeutic drug delivery to the lymphatic system

15.45 Lutz Nuhn (Univ Mainz, Germany) Macromolecule-Based Strategies For
Enhancing Immunotherapy Responses By Macrophage Repolarization

16.15 Helena Florindo (Univ Lisbon, PT) Multivalent Anticancer NanoVaccines


16.45 Bárbara Ibarzo Yus (UCL, UK and IBEC, SP) PMPC-PDPA polymersomes in cancer vaccine development

16.55   Liane Moura (iMed. ULisboa, PT) Multivalent branched poly-l-glutamic acid-based nanovaccine sensitizes melanoma to anti-PD1 therapy

17.05  Francesca Mastrotto (Univ Padova, IT) Mannosylated polycations for therapeutic nucleic acid Delivery in cancer vaccination

RSF PIC Globes 2019
Ronit Satchi-Fainaro

Tel Aviv Univ, IL

Susan N. Thomas

Georgia Tech, USA

Lutz Nuhn Univ Mainz, DE
Lutz Nuhn

Univ Mainz, Germany

PhotoHF 2019
Helena Florindo

Univ Lisbon, PT

Coffee break

17.15 PM - 17.45 PM

Coffee break & Posters-Exhibition

Enjoy our poster exhibition during lunch time.

Round Table Discussion

17.45 PM - 19.15 PM

How can Polymer Therapeutics Improve Global Healthcare?

An Interactive Session

17.45 – 19:15 Round Table Discussion: Including topics such as identifying Unmet needs: Drug targets and Diseases, Modalities needs – expanded space; Patient’s needs; Needs on Clinical Translation, such as, Characterization techniques and other capabilities or New advances on disruptive polymer sciences.

Discussion co-Leaders:

Marianne B. Ashford (AstraZeneca, UK) and Manuel Sánchez-Félix (Novartis, USA).


Ruth B. Schmid (Sintef, No)

Cameron Alexander (Univ Nottingham, UK) 

Marianne Ashford AstraZeneca, UK
Marianne B. Ashford

(AstraZeneca, UK)

Ruth B. Schmid

(Sintef ,No)

Cameron Alexander

(Univ Nottingham, UK)

Poster Session

19.15 PM - 20.30 PM

Poster Session II

Interactive session

Conference Reception

20.30 PM

Conference Opening Reception

Plenary speaker

09.00 AM - 9.45 AM

Plenary Lecture II

Discussion Leader: Andrew Lewis (Quotient Sciences, UK)

9.00 Maria Kavallaris (UNSW, AUS)

(UNSW, AUS) Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Pediatric Cancers 

Andrew Lewis

Quotient Sciences, UK

Speakers Sessions

09.45 AM - 11.20 AM

Tackling Childhood Diseases

Discussion Leaders: Andrew Lewis (Quotient Sciences, UK)

9.45 Maria J. Blanco (Univ Navarra, Sp) Nanomedicines for the treatment of
Pediatric diseases

10.15  Mohammed Balogun (CSIR, SouthAfrica) Rational Design of Polymer Conjugates for the treatment of malaria in children

10.45 Gloria García Palacios (Sanofi. France) Overview of EU and FDA Pediatric Regulations

11.15 Tetiana Melnyk (CIPF, SP) A Polyglutamate-Based Intranasal Drug Delivery Platform for Pediatric Glioma Treatment.


Andrew Lewis

Quotient Sciences, UK

Maria Blanco-Prieto-Universidad de Navarra
Maria J. Blanco

Univ Navarra, Sp

Mohammed Balogun

CSIR, SouthAfrica

Coffee break

11.20 AM - 11.45 AM

Coffee break & Poster Session

Enjoy our poster and Exhibition.

Short Talks

11.45 PM - 12.45 PM

Tackling Diseases other than Cancer

11:45 Paco Fernandez-Trillo (Univ Birmingham, UK)

Delivery of Antimicrobials through Peptide and Responsive Chemistry

11:55 Patrick Weber (ETH Zürich, SW)

Zwitterionic polymer-drug conjugates with lubricating, anti-inflammatory activity for the treatment of osteoarthritis

12:05 Elaine Ferguson (Cardiff Univ, UK)

Dextrin conjugation prevents colistin-induced acute kidney injury in mice

12:15 Tommaso Tedeschini (Univ Pavoda, IT)

Pegylated peptide-cleavable linkers designed to provide stable and active antibody-drug conjugates.

12:25 Silvia Acosta-Gutierrez (UCL, UK)

A Multiscale Study of Phosphorylcoline Driven Cellular Phenotypic Targeting

12:30 Zsuzsa Baranyai (INMA, SP)

Antitubercular Drug Delivery with Polysaccharide-Based Nanocarriers

12:35 Alexander Lamoot (Univ Ghent, BE)

Lipid Nanoparticles encapsulating PolyI:C A Potent Adjuvant for Recombinant Spike S1 SARS-CoV-2 vaccination

12.40 Antonella Grigoletto (Univ Padova, IT)

Stability and in-vivo profile of a new circular site-specific PEGylated G-CSF

Speakers Sessions

12.45 PM - 13.45 PM

Advances of Polymer Therapeutics in the Clinics I

Discussion Leaders: Michael Wagner (DE)

12.45 Cristianne Rijcken (Cristal Therapeutics, NL)

Conception till Clinical Translation of Core-Crosslinked (CRIPEC®) Polymeric Micelles and Product Diversification

13.15 Michael Bevilacqua (Amicrobe, USA)

AmicidinsTM: Synthetic Biologics Headed into Clinical Trials in Surgery and Trauma


Cristianne Rijcken Cristal Therapeutics, NL
Cristianne Rijcken

Cristal Therapeutics, NL

Michael Bevilacqua

Amicrobe, USA


13.45 PM - 15.00 PM

Lunch & Poster Session III

Enjoy the poster and Exhibition during Lunch time

Round table discussion

15.00 PM - 16.45 PM

Round table discussion

Session in honor to Prof Hiroshi Maeda. Father of the EPR effect and a Giant in our field

15.00 – 16:45 Round Table Discussion: Fundamentals of EPR and tumor targeting, on novel insights related to transcytosis, hitchhiking and macrophage retention, on practical aspects of dealing with EPR variability, and on how to move “passively targeted” cancer nanomedicines forward both clinically and industrially. 


Discussion Leader: Twan Lammers (RWTH Aachen University Clinic, DE) 


Milles A. Miller (MGH Center Systems Biology, Harvard Med School, USA)

Khaled Greish (Al-Jawhara Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain) 

Warren Chan  (Univ Toronto, CA

Twan Lammers

RWTH Aachen University Clinic.

Milles A. Miller

(MGH Center Systems Biology, Harvard Med School, USA)

Khaled Greish

(Al-Jawhara Centre, Kingdom of Bahrain)

Warren Chan

(Univ Toronto, CA)

Short Talks

16.45 PM - 17.30 PM

Rationally Design Anticancer Polymer Therapeutics

Discussion Leader:  Ana Armiñán (CIPF, SP)

16:45 Fernanda Rodríguez-Otormín (CIPF, SP) A rationally designed polypeptide-based combination conjugate for the treatment of metastatic triple negative breast cancer

16:50 Mariana Bento (iMed Univ Lisboa, PT) Multifunctional Polymeric Nanoplatform to Overcome Pancreatic Cancer Immune Evasion

16:55 Paul Strasser (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Aus) Bottlebrush, High-Molecular-Weight Polyphosphazene-G-Poly (L-Glutamic Acid) As Fully Biodegradable Polymer Therapeutics

17:00 Paz Boix-Montesinos (CIPF, SP) The Development and Characterization of Advanced In Vitro Models for the Evaluation of Polypeptide-Drug Conjugates

17:05 Diana Matias (UCL, UK) Polymersomes With Tunable Avidity to LRP1 In Healthy and Glioma Model

17:10 Carmen Moya-Lopez (Univ Lorraine, FR) Multifunctional PLA/Gelatin Bionanocomposites for Tailored Drug Delivery Systems

17:15 Antoni Serrano (CIPF, SP) Optimization of Preclinically Relevant Three-Dimensional Prostate Cancer Models

Ana Armiñan


Poster Session

17.20 PM - 17.45 PM

Coffee & Tea Posters

Interactive Session

Speakers Sessions

17.45 PM - 19.30 PM

Novel Synthetic approaches and Exhaustive Characterisation Techniques

Discussion Leaders: Cameron Alexander (Univ Nottingham, UK)

17:45  Adam Gormley (Rutgers Univ , USA)- Discovering Advanced polymeric systems by an Automated and AI-driven polymer chemistry platform.

18.15 Roey Amir (Tel Aviv Univ, IL) Architectural changes as a tool for controlling the stability and reactivity of polymeric assemblies.

18.45 Robert Luxenhofer (Helsinki Univ, FI), and Ann-Christin Pöppler (Univ Würzbug, DE) Taking up the chase with NMR Spectroscopy – From structural
insights into solid drug-polymer formulations to their fate in biorelevant media.

19.15 – Sebastien Rouzeau (Tosoh Biosciences, DE) Polymer therapeutics deserve a better light

Cameron Alexander

Univ Nottingham, UK

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 22.33.28
Adam Gormley

Rutgers Univ , USA

Roey Amir

Tel Aviv Univ, IL

Picture 1
Robert Luxenhofer

Helsinki Univ

Ann-Christin Pöppler

Univ Würzbug, DE

Sebastien photo
Sebastien Rouzeau

Tosoh Biosciences, DE

Poster Session

19.30 PM - 21.00 PM

Coffee break & Poster Session IV

Interactive Session


* Refreshment will be provided